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Accelerated Underwriting

MRW Financial has a breakdown of our carriers with solutions.

Review this Accelerated Underwriting Programs guide to see if your client may qualify for insurance without an exam.

Lincoln Financial

Leading Edge Underwriting

Competitive Advantages

  • No Resting EKG requirement for all ages and face amounts
  • Enhanced financial underwriting guidelines for Business
    Insurance, including consideration up to 20x income for
    Key Person coverage
  •  Improved guidelines for more competitive offers for
    clients with history of breast cancer, prostate cancer,
    asthma, ulcerative colitis, and atrial fibrillation
  • Table reduction program available for all medical
    impairments: Table three to standard to age 70—
    up to $10 million
  • Nontobacco rates available for cigar, pipe, and chewing
    tobacco users
  • Significantly improved hepatitis C guidelines and ratings
    Most will qualify for standard; some preferred

Medical strength

  • Preferred plus available for treated hypertension
  • Preferred consideration for clients with certain types of cancers: prostate, testicular, thyroid, uterine, and cervical
  • Preferred classes available to clients with a family history
    of cancer
  • Personal history of diabetes may be eligible for preferred
    classes for ages 70 and up
  • Cardiac—Up to four tables’ worth of favorable profile credits available. Standard rates may be available over age 70 with a history of coronary artery disease

LincXpress® Tele-App

  • Streamlined, no-cost, Tele-App process for electronic ticket and paper ticket submissions
  • Dedicated, in-house, Lincoln Tele-App team
  • Automated underwriting and the opportunity to waive labs for qualifying clients
  • eDelivery for faster policy delivery—at no cost

Quick Quote Tools

  • Instantaneous, online, quick quoting tools available for UL, IUL, VUL and Lincoln LifeElements® Level Term:

– Spectra provides accurate Lincoln quotes for mildly
complex scenarios with over 200 impairments. Accessible through your Lincoln producer website

– XRAE is available for simple quotes on specific impairment scenarios. Accessible at Lincoln.XRAE.com

Non-Tobacco Rates For Non-Cigarette Tobacco-Using Clients

Special considerations for non-cigarette tobacco-using clients.

Do any of your clients suffer from high life insurance premiums simply because they enjoy cigars or pipes? Lincoln‘s dedicated customer-focused underwriting takes a client’s entire risk profile into account, which could result in a better rating and lower rates.

Lincoln offers the standard nonsmoker risk classification to tobacco-using individuals who

  • Meet all standard criteria per underwriting guidelines
  • Use chewing tobacco, pipe, or cigars
  • May test positive for nicotine by urine sample
  • Have not used cigarettes or vaped, using nicotine, or nicotine liquid, or flavored liquids, the past 12 months

Note: Marijuana is not considered a tobacco product and can qualify for nontobacco rates.

Why Lincoln for Large Term Cases?

Large case capacity

Lincoln has the right products and resources to place your large cases.

Lincoln provides:


  • A no-risk guarantee for reinsurance capacity review
  • Access to reinsurance capacity for coverage amounts in excess of $100 million
  •  An impressive $60 million autobind and $65 million jumbo limit
  • Strong collaboration with our reinsurance partners on facultative submissions and complex
    case design
Underwriting Opportunities for Hep C Clients

Significantly improved hepatitis C guidelines and ratings. Most will qualify for standard; some preferred

Foreign National Coverage
  • More than 90 countries approved for preferred and preferred plus classes
  • Term coverage available for U.S. citizens and permanent U.S. residents
  • Autobind capacity of $25 million and jumbo limit of $35 million

U.S. Life Insurance for Foreign National Clients

An interactive resource to help you submit Foreign National business with success.

Client Profiling

When working with clients on a growth strategy, you have to tailor your message to meet their goals. Whether they want to grow their retirement portfolio or build a charitable giving strategy or create a legacy wealth transfer strategy, each conversation is different. Help your clients start the conversation to find the right solution using this interactive site.

Lincoln Life University

An interactive learning center to help you keep up to date on products and key strategies to meet your evolving needs.

Business Insurance

Build your life insurance practice with Lincoln’s insights, resources and solutions to help you address the needs of business owners.

American National Co. 




living benefits AT NO ADDITIONAL COST


AIG Training, Marketing, and Sales Tools

Small Business - Advanced Sales Portal

The one-stop website containing thousands of pages of valuable consumer- and producer-facing content for use in the affluent and business owner markets.

Client Meeting Prep Tool - Generation Station

Get recommendations for initial client meetings to better connect with clients from any generation at any stage of life.

IUL Consumer Tool - Life To The Max

Simplify complex IUL conversations with easy-to-understand charts & scenarios.

Term & GUL Premium Rates - Rapid Rater

Instantly get premium rates for Term, GUL and Survivor GUL products.

Illustration Presentations - InsMark Playbook

Turn complex illustrations into powerful, consumer-friendly presentations.

Comprehensive Marketing Program - Campaign in a Box

Deploy grab-and-go prospecting, training and selling strategies on a variety of topics for consumer and financial professional.

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Policy Review Playbook

Any client can benefit from a policy review every 3-5 years to ensure their coverage is appropriate for their current life stage.

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Beneficiary Review Playbook

Our Beneficiary Review Kit will help determine whether current beneficiary designations are in synch with their goals.

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Retirement Protection Marketing Program - Retire Stronger

Information, tools and strategies to help clients supplement and protect retirement assets leveraging living benefits features.

Go to Marketing Program »

master playbook

Links to variety of marketing resources covering product, sales tools, training, underwriting and company information.

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product training playbook

Covers product, concept and industry focused topics.

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competitive comparison playbook

View competitive comparisons on Term, IUL and GUL products.

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North American Co. Sales Concepts

Annuity Maximization

Annuity maximization is a leveraging technique in which annuity assets are used to purchase life insurance. The goal is to provide a greater death benefit for beneficiaries. Though annuities may be an excellent tax-deferred growth vehicle, they are not generally designed to transfer wealth. Life insurance may be an ideal wealth transfer solution for your clients.

Business Insurance: Buy-Sell

Whether your clients own a large company or a small family-operated business, the success of any business depends on smart strategy and planning.

Business Insurance: Executive Bonus

An executive bonus arrangement can be a powerful, yet simple way to provide a valuable benefit for company owners and key employees. It can help reduce turnover of key employees that could result in significant financial losses.

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Business Insurance: Key Person

Most companies have a person(s) whose skills are vital to the success of the business. A key person may be an owner, partner, or employee without whom the business would suffer serious consequences.

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Client Review

Not only does life change, but life insurance products change over time. That’s why it’s important for you to have a regular client review practice in place.

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College Funding

The primary purpose of life insurance is to provide a death benefit to beneficiaries. It can be designed to meet your clients’ changing needs with features such as flexible death benefit and flexible premiums. Death benefit protection can make life insurance an attractive choice for establishing a self-completing plan to help fund a college education. Permanent life insurance that can accumulate cash value may be used to help pay for college costs.

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Estate Planning

Most clients will accumulate significant assets over their lifetimes. Help address your clients’ death benefit needs and find smart, affordable estate planning solutions.

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Income Protection

Help protect the future of your client’s family in the event of the loss of a wage-earner or non-wage-earner through the death benefit protection offered by life insurance.

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Legacy Building

Legacy Building is a strategy that uses permanent life insurance to offer death benefit protection and efficiently pass on assets to beneficiaries. Typically, the strategy starts with funds the client already plans to pass along to family. These funds are used to purchase a life insurance policy, which may immediately increase the amount in the form of the death benefit.

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Longevity Planning

Longevity Planning is a strategy that helps your clients prepare for a long, healthy retirement, while also providing for loved ones in case of death. The desire to travel, a new home, new hobbies, and gifting assets are all desires that might be beyond your client’s current plan for income replacement in their later years. An unexpected illness might also make a long retirement more costly.

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Mitigating Risk

Have you overlooked risks to your client’s overall financial strategy? Examine the various risks that are often overlooked, as well as a potential solution that you and your clients should examine closely. A good wealth transfer strategy can help address multipe risks.

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Pension Maximization

The typical defined benefit pension plan may pose several challenges for your clients—mostly, a potentially lower monthly income during retirement, as well as a lack of flexibility to change the beneficiary or the election option. The pension maximization strategy can help your clients gain death benefit protection while making the most out of a pension plan.

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Retirement Planning

The retirement planning strategy uses permanent life insurance to provide clients with death benefit protection while offering the potential to help supplement their income during retirement.

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Smart Money

Smart money is money your clients want to control and be able to access during times of need. While there are several options for where to keep this smart money, one that’s often overlooked is permanent life insurance. It can provide the opportunity to build cash value for financial needs down the road, while also providing death benefit protection to help a family continue, or to pass down a legacy.

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