How do I benefit from my partnership/relationship with MRW Financial?
  • Build Your Book of Business – Your partnership will allow you to offer an additional line of insurance to your clients that they were previously going elsewhere to purchase.
  • Secure Relationships.
  • Increase Your Revenue.
  • Focus on what you do best.
How do I get quotes, forms, underwriting guides, company ratings, field underwriting questionnaires and more?

Our website is available 24 hours a day and can be a useful tool to obtain all of the above and more. However, our office is available to assist you during business hours as well.

Where do I send my completed applications?

Your applications can be mailed, faxed or e-mailed to our new business manager. You will be notified when your application is received and ready for processing.

What is the fastest way to get my application approved?
  • A good cover letter detailing the need for coverage and how the face amount was determined will decrease the processing time.
  • Make sure the application is filled out in its entirety. Missing information can delay processing time.
  • Include a copy of the illustration as proposed to your client.
What is the typical turnaround time on my completed application?
  • Depending on the time it takes to gather all requirements, most applications are approved within four to six weeks of submission.
  • However, some carriers offer jet issue programs that would allow your case to be issued in less than two weeks. Please call our office for details.
How do I know what requirements are needed for underwriting?
  • Our website outlines in detail the underwriting requirements for each carrier. Our office staff is available to assist you as well.
  • All requirements including exams and medical records are ordered through our office. We will build the case in-house and submit a complete file to the carrier.
Should I get money with my applications?

All carriers will allow you to bind coverage with an application up to a certain amount. Since each carrier determines their own limit, it is important to review the conditional receipt before submission. If you do take a check with an application, make sure you have the conditional receipt with it. Carriers will not accept checks without the conditional receipt.

What is the best way to have my client informally underwritten with MRW to determine their insurability?
  • Call or e-mail MRW with as much detailed information as possible on your case.
  • Use one or more of the many field underwriting questionnaires on our website or by calling our office.
  • By having your client sign a medical authorization form and HIPPA release we can assist you in obtaining your client’s medical files for the past five to ten years. We can then have this information evaluated for their insurability by each carrier. Please call our office if you are considering this option.
How do I get licensed with the insurance carriers MRW represents?

Each carrier has its own contracting paperwork. MRW Financial uses e-contracting. Click here to find out more. All commissions will be paid directly to you or your firm from the insurance carrier.

How do I get contact information for policy owner service?

Click here for carrier policy owner service contact information.