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Planning for the End of Stretch IRAs

April 14, 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Midland National is excited to bring you another round of webinars this spring with IRA distribution expert, Ed Slott! Learn how to take action and make things happen in his upcoming, three-part webinar series.


The SECURE Act has eliminated the stretch IRA for many beneficiaries, and your clients need solutions. IRA’s and company plans are being affected. The post-death payout rules could have a significant negative tax impact on the plans your clients have made for their retirement savings. Beneficiaries inheriting IRAs may now be experiencing the implications of the end of the stretch IRA.


The good news is that there are alternative estate planning solutions that can help put clients’ savings in a better position, providing larger inheritances, with more control and potentially less taxes. One option is cash value life insurance and that is the focus of this program. Annuities can also play an important role in retirement income planning. Find out the issues and possible solutions to help your clients create retirement plans to meet their needs.